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"Come," said the cat.
He knew what it meant, this speaking with animals, and it shamed him.
"They summon you," the cat said. "It is time."
"No," he said.
Yet, it wasn't so simple. And he went.
His only guides were this cold-eyed forest cat and a feckless dog. And where they led him, he didn't want to go.
Even so, he went.
It was time.


Cooper North retired, but now she's called back as prosecutor--she's needed to handle an onslaught of bizarre cases. 


An alligator scaring shoppers on this little Vermont town's Main Street. Psychopaths costumed as Ninjas on a murder spree, with comando knives. A maple syrup entrepreneur murdered via wasps hidden in his sleeves.


Cooper's sixty-nine years old. She's been around. She knows some things. On the hunt, she's relentless. She's tall, almost gaunt, with the eyes of a falcon. She sees you, and she sees into you. 


This time she doesn't see it coming--a mortal threat to her, personally.


How this mystery ends will surprise you.

Emeline Pinski's in terrible danger--her new neighbors mean to kill her. 


She thought they seemed creepy, so she started watching them. They saw her watching. They didn't like it. 


Now they're coming after her, and they'll show no mercy. 

Star Nose is second in the Cooper North mystery series. 


A child is frightened--they've murdered his mother, and now they hunt him. Cooper North, just retired as a prosecutor, but still in the game, offers him haven. He trusts no one, though, only Cooper's housemate, Henry, a Pembroke Welsh corgi, and Henry understands. All the while, though, the killers come closer. This seven-year-old has no hope. Star Nose will haunt you.  


Caliban Island--a Silicon Valley genius buys it, then immediately blacks it out, raising intelligence agency eyebrows. Willie Deane infiltrates the Caribbean island, undercover. He finds white-sand beaches, palms...and murder. Why are workers in the island's research facility, the Sugar Cube, one by one, thrown out of a Black Hawk helicopter, or fed to the island's feral Bengal tiger? And why is the next target Willie Deane?




After a moment, I realized I was caged, staring out through iron bars. Defion stood outside the cage, insect faced, no expression. Philip Prester stood beside him, but with his back to us, looking out over the plain.
Windblown orange dust sandpapered my face. I felt a buzz inside my head, and knew the dust did that, as if it was electrically charged. After a few moments, I didn’t notice it.
“Where’s this?” I said, mainly to hear my own voice, something familiar.
Defion surprised me. He spoke.
“Sinnabar,” he said.

A tyrannosaurus rex hunt, in the Cretaceous, begins Part One of this quick-read e-story, but Part Two leaps to our own time--an abandoned Manhattan subway station, where the homeless find shelter. Up from even deeper down come green-eyed strangers, seeking Marten, a genius pickpocket, but he's a "cannon," he "dips" solo, and he means to keep it that way.

In this quick-read e-story, an Ice-Age western, witches riding dire wolves herd saber-toothed tigers to a mining town. They ask for help with a dying girl, for "decency." They almost get it.

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The Blue Chair, an e-book novella, is the first appearance of Cooper North--she must find who strangled the exchange student from Italy, but she risks getting murdered herself.


Through Cooper North’s window—a shot.
She’s just retired as a Vermont prosecutor. She’d planned to watch birds, read. But now she’s back investigating. And this time it’s personal.
Who wants her dead?



An alien visitor gets chummy with a golden retriever.
At the OK Corral, old-west spellslingers fire off incantations.
Ancients from the Cretaceous emerge from Manhattan’s subways.
A scientist riles a Florida swamp shaman, and never sees the magic coming.
Hunting a renegade, intercosmic rangers take the form of professional wrestlers.
And then….

Is fact really stranger than fiction? Not in these fifteen stories.


Pleistocene witches, riding dire wolves, seek help for a snake-bitten girl at a village where they're feared and hated.

A visiting alien gets sloppy drunk on Diet Pepsi.

Uninvited, a bear moves in with a lonely man and helps him tap his life's "Refresh" button.

Ghost hunters, investigating apparitions in a cranky playwright's home, find it's a case of haunting by backstory.

And other tales about what--probably--could never be.


 This comic novella, available as an e-book, asks this question: if your dog is a genius, shouldn't you do what he says?