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WHAT THE WALRUS SAID--Our Authors' Blog--




We heard about a cool incident on an airliner, posted on Facebook by Wendy Battino.
You can check out Ms. Battino's first-person account here—  https://www.facebook.com/wendy.battino/posts/pfbid02XBBD8AkYBDrAsPtb7ETN6QgrWSsL82yxC37uToAuQrBt1V7gMoZBVW6eJfoKKd9yl.

We found this story so amusing and touching, we wanted to pass it along, for those who missed the original account. So here's an abbreviated version—


After a sojourn in California, Ms. Battino says, she boarded an Alaska Airlines flight back home, with her two Siberian huskies, Artie and Moon, kenneled in the airliner's cargo hold. As she walked back to her seat, from the hold below, she heard a tremendous howling.


It meant: "Where are you, Wendy Battino?" Knowing the howling would continue unless she howled back, Ms. Battino knelt in the aisle and prepared to howl.


First, though, a flight attendant asked her to hold off, while the attendant used the PA system to alert the other passengers.


After that, Ms. Battino howled.


Down in the hold, Artie and Moon went silent.


Everyone on the plane laughed.


Then the flight attendant made a further announcement: "Would anyone else like to join in one more howl to let these dogs in the hold know that we care?"


Just about every passenger on that plane howled. 


After that, says Ms. Battino, it was an upbeat flight home.


--Joyce and Richard


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